Hazmat Training
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The Hazardous Materials Training Program is designed to enhance and elevate your current training. The Program ensures employees are conversant and compliant with the latest regulations guiding the transportation of hazardous materials, provides function specific training, and reviews emergency response procedures.

It provides a winning combination of instruction, hands-on training, and interactive experience-based discussions tailored to meet your railroad’s needs. Our expert instructors, who have 600+ years of combined experience in hazardous materials transportation safety, will cover:

  • DOT regulations for the rail industry
  • Rail industry job function-specific regulations
  • Homeland Security regulations,
  • OSHA, EPA and other regulatory reporting requirements.

We developed the Hazardous Material Training program with a grant from the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration, allowing us to provide this program at no cost to you, at your railroad’s location.

Want to take it a step further? Invite our experienced team onto your property to run an Emergency Preparedness, Reporting and Response Exercise to practice Emergency Response protocols and identify opportunities to enhance your emergency response capabilities.

Give your team the confidence to take on any Hazmat move safely. Contact us today!

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