Short Line Safety Institute: Identifying Safety Culture Trends in the Industry

June 2022 –The Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Research, Development & Technology has published a report evaluating Safety Culture Assessments that have been completed in 2021 by the Short Line Safety Institute.  The report states that 1) there are prominent strengths in safety culture across the short line and regional railroad industry, and 2) there are noteworthy gaps in the industry as well.  Further, by assessing safety culture and examining the practices of the short line and regional railroads, SLSI can gain insight into the industry at large. With this information, SLSI can report generally on the needs of the industry and take action to create and offer resources that address identified railroad safety Opportunities. The report notes SLSI’s online Resources, and Leadership Development Training and Hazardous Materials Training programs as examples.

Click here to read the paper.

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