Element 2: Continuous Learning

This Safety Tip encourages a learning environment where opportunities to improve safety are continuously sought out and implemented.

The Hazards of Exposure to Summer Heat

Exposure to summer heat can be hazardous.  This Safety Tip provides a brief overview of the symptoms and treatment options for heat-related illnesses, as well as tips for prevention.

Securing Equipment

This Safety Tip encourages you to take the time to secure and test the securement of rail equipment.

Safety Related Communications

This Safety Tip describes the importance of establishing strong lines of communication to raise awareness about potential safety hazards.

Protecting Shoving Movements

This Safety Tip describes the specific requirements that help keep employees and equipment safe when a shoving movement is to be made.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

This Safety Tip provides guidance on preventing one of the most common workplace causes of injuries. Watch a Safety Minute video on this topic by clicking here. This one aligns …

Job Safety Briefings

Job safety briefings ensure that employees are aware of the occupational health and safety risks associated with the job they perform. This Safety Tip describes the essential elements of job safety briefings.