Below are links to Research Articles that are related to safety culture, and the work conducted by the Short Line Safety Institute.

September 2021 – The Short Line Safety Institute (SLSI) conducts Safety Culture Assessments on short line railroads, and also conducts an annual Systematic Review of the assessed railroads to measure industry trends and identify opportunities for improvement in safety culture. Results of the 2020 Systematic Review suggest that both the quality and quantity of railroad safety communication can be improved. In response to these findings, SLSI launched a Safety Poster Program which provides interested railroads with safety posters on a quarterly basis free of charge. SLSI also aims to assist railroads with other aspects of their safety communication quality and quantity, such as possible barriers to effective communication. Thus, the goals of this paper is to highlight potential obstacles associated with safety communication, provide tips on how to overcome the obstacles, and educate the industry on the importance of clear and frequent safety communication.

May 2021 – This report summarizes findings from a systematic review of the nine SLSI Safety Culture Assessment Reports created in 2020, and discusses industry trends in the strengths and gaps related to safety culture practices. These strengths (e.g., employees feel empowered to work safely) and gaps (e.g., a lack of formal safety concern reporting systems) provide insight to and indicators of the status of safety culture in the short line and regional railroad industry. The report demonstrated that SLSI is equipped to help railroads address current industry gaps and assist railroads in developing systems they need for creating a strong safety culture. Lastly, this report highlights new ways for SLSI to continue to serve the rail industry.

January 2021 – Research Results Paper which evaluates the perceptions of the Hazardous Materials Training Program by past participants.

January 2021 – Research Results Paper which evaluates the effectiveness of the Short Line Safety Institute's Hazardous Materials Training Program.

September, 2020 – Research Results Paper suggest that Commuter Operations would benefit from SLSI’s services. Additionally, results suggest that SLSI’s SCA process is easily transferable from freight to commuter railroads with minor revisions.

May 29, 2020 – Research Results Paper that suggests that the ‘SCA process and follow-up support hold promise for strengthening railroad safety culture.

September 2019 – Research Results paper about the early outcomes across railroads that participated in a Safety Culture Assessment (SCA).

June 2019 – Research Results paper about the SLSI's model for conducting Safety Culture Assessments (SCAs).

November 2018 – Research Results paper about the status of safety culture in the short line and regional railroad industry.

August 2017 – U.S. Department of Transportation Safety Council's paper regarding the importance of safety culture in the transportation industry.