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Safety Culture Assessment  

A Safety Assessment begins with a planning session with Senior Management and the Safety Institute Executive Director and Staff. During the planning session, the timeline and outcomes will be identified. Prior to the assessor team arriving on site, an anonymous survey will be sent to management and employees at all levels of the railroad. The onsite Safety Culture Assessment will last from three to five days, depending on the size of the operation. The major points and insight from the survey and the assessment will be shared with designees of the railroad at the end of the onsite phase of the Assessment. A consolidated report will be sent to management, and follow up will be scheduled.

Outcomes of a Safety Assessment may include opportunities for the railroad related to safety culture development, identification of programs that could be implemented to achieve goals outlined during the follow up, or training and coaching.

Freight railroads that transport or carry crude or other hazardous materials can be assessed by our team of expert assessors. The assessment includes field observations, in-depth confidential interviews from a cross section of the company, anonymous and confidential safety culture surveys and other reviews. With our unique process, we synthesize and amalgamate all of the data and information collected from the assessment into results that break down into the 10 core elements needed for a safety culture. The 10 core elements are based on scientific data and analysis found through field research in railroads with strong safety cultures. We then use those results to identify the gaps in safety culture for a participating railroad. After the assessment, we can identify opportunities and guide improvements though education and training.

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Assessment Progress Update:

Up to December 2016, we will have closed the pilot project, and have 15 Safety Culture Assessments scheduled. We have 7 completed since September, and 8 more to go. We are continuously learning from each assessment and are developing training based off of those trends for the short line and regional rail industry. We also launched the Hazmat series webinars, located in  our growing resource library, and created an ideal job safety briefing template for the industry use to enhance the information discussed in everyday briefings.  We also hired new assessors to our growing team and are currently training them.

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