Safety Tip Tuesday

Warmer air is a nice effect of spring and summer... but it can also cause the condition of fog. Fog can be present for many different reasons depending on your topography and climate. Visibility can be restricted when fog is present. Ensure you are always visible to your crew when the range of vision is restricted. Wearing clean and reflective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and maintaining clear communication on the radio can assist in letting your crew keep tabs on each other. If you use a vehicle in the yard for operations during fog-like conditions, it would behoove you to keep the lights on at all times. Operate the vehicle at slower speeds, and always stay clear of any tracks. Be aware of your surroundings and focus your attention to the task at hand. Even if it is foggy, keep a clear sight for safety. (For referenced content above and for more information, please check out the Weather Channel's Link about Fog and our safety tip for this week!)

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