Safety Tip 

 Tip 1
 - The first safety tip of the New Year! This year, our safety tip program will reflect information we are learning through our Safety Culture Assessment process. These safety tips will include common characteristics found within strong safety cultures. Check out January's tip!

 Tip 2
 - Let's talk about Safety Visions. Do you have one? Is it effective, consistent, accessible, and clear? Check out our tip below for more information.

Many railroads have their Safety Visions listed on their websites, posted in their offices, crew rooms, and even listed in their timetables or rules manuals. Prominently displaying your vision across your organization may help to promote your safety goals.


Safety & Security Awareness

Security is safety, and its everyone's job. Ask yourself and your company today about the 5 R's!

Review, and 

If you see something that does not feel right or looks suspicious, say something! Vigilance and attention to detail may help prevent an incident.


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