Safety Tip of the Week

Week 1 - Let's talk about your plans for washouts and the conditions that could be caused by them, such as erosion. Erosion can carry away rocks, gravel, soil, when wind, water, or other natural forces are present, and this means ballast. After storm conditions, these forces may cause erosion near tracks, existing waterways, and other structures, subject to wind, rain, and water pressure. When you see these conditions, say something. Without a strong and firm ballast foundation, track conditions may vary. Talk to your team today about storm patrols. Do you have them? What do they look like? How frequent will they run? Are they from the cab of a locomotive or a hi-rail or other visual inspection? Talk to your team about your storm plan to sustain safe work practices, and what to do when erosion is spotted en-route or on a patrol or from a bystander. Be alert, be prepared, and always be safe. Continue a solid ground for safety at your company.


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