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Safety Culture Assessment  

A Safety Assessment begins with a planning session with Senior Management and the Safety Institute’s Senior Safety and Operations Manager.  During the planning session, Safety Institute personnel and railroad management will clearly explain the process, coordinate the assessment schedule, and ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly understood. Prior to the assessment team arriving on site, an online anonymous survey will be sent to management and employees at all levels of the railroad. The onsite Safety Culture Assessment will last from four to eight days, depending on the size of the railroad.   At the end of the assessment, a close-out meeting is held with railroad management where findings and opportunities are reviewed with the railroad. 

Outcomes of a Safety Culture Assessment may include opportunities for the railroad related to safety culture development, improved communication, tracking and follow-up on reported safety concerns, and identification of other programs that could be implemented to improve safety culture.

Freight railroads that transport crude oil or other hazardous materials are eligible to be  assessed by the Safety Institute. The assessment includes field observations, in-depth confidential interviews from a cross section of the company, anonymous and confidential safety culture surveys and other means of employee input. With our unique process, we synthesize the data and information collected from the assessment into results that link to the 
10 Core Elements needed for a strong safety culture. The 10 Core Elements are based on scientific data and analysis found through field research in railroads with strong safety cultures. We then use those results to identify opportunities for improving safety culture for the participating railroad.  Suggested resources, documents and educational materials are reviewed and made available to the railroad.

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