Safety is never fixed. It's a constant maintenance item. We must always make sure it is priority #1. 

~ Teddy Maybrier, VP of Safety and Training, Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Services, Inc.
ASLRRA 2016 Safety Professional of the Year

Education and Training

Short Line Safety Institute (SLSI), as the premier industry resource regarding short line safety culture, provides education and training on safety culture and its ten elements, as well as disseminates best practices on a variety of safety culture challenges.

To further its mission, The SLSI team provides support, guidance, and training to short line and regional railroads and their employees to improve their safety culture, develop their internal safety programs and enhance safety practices. Information gleaned from short line Safety Culture Assessments provide the SLSI team with guidance for training and toolkit development.

The Institute also provides safety culture implementation materials, and opportunities to learn directly from staff experts at ASLRRA Regional Meetings, area railroad events and industry trade shows, and via online training opportunities.  Click here for a schedule of upcoming events.  

Short Line Safety Institute staff is also available for speaking and training engagements.  Contact Michele Malski at 202-567-2820, or for more information and to schedule a speaker. 

Upcoming webinars
New subjects will be addressed each month.

Educational Resources

The Short Line Safety Institute is your go-to source for all things rail safety. We strive to provide you with up to date information and reference materials to help you be prepared.
Click here to check out our Resource Library for great educational tools, documents and links.